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August 14, 2017

Introduction to linux

August 16, 2017

Kernel Configuration and Build

August 16, 2017

Major and Minor number

August 16, 2017

Device Driver Basic structure

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Shravan Bhat

I'm a BTech graduate from a VTU college in bengaluru. I was really interested in learning the embedded concepts and looking for a job in the same domain. I bought two courses : Interview preparation for Embedded Linux Kernel and Drivers and Linux Kernel Basics Training. Training was very easy to understand and trainers cleared all my doubts. And interview preparation course was very helpful. Now thanks to Tutorialsdaddy, I'm placed in an embedded MNC.


"I fully recommend tutorialsdaddy to anyone looking to further their knowledge about the Linux internals, Linux Device Drivers and its fundamentals. Beginners can benefit greatly from the services they offer, and the lessons are planned very well. Their teaching was easy to follow and understand. Every question I had was thoroughly answered. If you wanted to choose career in Linux domain then Tutorialsdaddy online course is truly your source for learning.”

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